buy china mini concrete batching plant
buy china mini concrete batching plant
buy china mini concrete batching plant

buy china mini concrete batching plant

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buy china mini concrete batching plant, our Spring and Vietnam Import and Export Corporation, specializes in the production and sale of mini concrete batching plant. Besides small concrete mixing stations, we also have large concrete mixing stations with complete models. Would you like to know about the concrete mixing stations in the Chinese market? Want to know about small concrete mixing stations? Come to our company, we have all the answers you want.

Small mixing plant equipment manufacturers, excellent product quality, durable, complete models! The company adheres to the principle of quality first, reputation first, small mixing plant equipment to win the trust and praise of customers! If you want to know more about China's small concrete mixing plant details, want buy china mini concrete batching plant, you are welcome to call us at any time.

There are many types of small concrete mixing station. Today, we will focus on introducing the characteristics and advantages of 25 small concrete mixing station.

Advantages of  25 concrete batching plant:

1. Fast installation

Steel beam type or fixed type can be selected for assembly. The main mixing system of steel beam type mixing station only needs several hours from unloading to installation. With the installation of other supporting facilities such as control room and batching station, it takes only two to four days to prepare for production.

2. Reasonable design

Mixing platform, metering platform and lifting system platform fully guarantee the inspection and maintenance equipment requirements. When it is necessary to install the outer protective layer, it can still provide enough daily working space.

3. Less space

The mixing station uses the way of hoisting and lifting hopper, the special design of hopper and track, which can load and dump aggregate efficiently, and greatly reduce the occupied area of the site.

4. Less investment and simple maintenance

The mixing station needs less investment, occupies less space, uses less equipment, maintains simple equipment, and operates safely and conveniently.

5. Structural details

Aggregate batching system

PLD800 concrete batching machine is used in 25 mixing station, which consists of feeding mechanism, weighing system, electrical control system and other components. Characteristic is that the feeding mechanism is "product" zigzag arrangement, transdermal belt conveyor feeding, weighing method is lever plus single sensor, accurate measurement.

6. Mixing system

JS500 double horizontal axle forced mixer is used in the main mixing machine of 25 mixing station, which can mix fluidity, hardness, lightweight aggregate concrete and various types of mortar. The mixer has reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short mixing time, energy saving and low noise.

7. Electronic Control System

The main features of the electronic control system are: stable operation and reliable performance; the core electrical components use world brand products such as Schneider Company of France, and the quality is guaranteed.

8. Aggregate conveying system

25 Aggregate conveying system of mixing station adopts lifting hopper conveying mode, which has the advantage of occupying small space and saving land resources.

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