There are many places where concrete mixing station needs lubrication. Lubrication needs a certain time interval and a certain way to achieve the best lubrication effect. But many users are not clear about the time interval and the way, Henan Chunyue concrete mixing station will introduce it.

Lubrication point 1 of concrete mixing station: the reversing drum bearing of feeding belt conveyor is lubricated every three months with No. 4 calcium base grease and oil gun.

Lubrication point 1: Trough bracket bearings of feeding belt conveyor are replaced with No. 4 calcium base grease during maintenance of concrete mixing station.

Lubrication Point 2: Flat bracket bearing of feeding belt conveyor, change oil with No. 4 calcium ester during overhaul;

Lubrication Point 3: Tension device of feeding belt conveyor, lubricated by oil gun every six months with 4 good calcium esters;

Lubrication Point 4: Electric drum of feeding belt machine, which requires installation instructions for lubrication;

Lubrication point 5 of concrete mixing station: butterfly valve of transitional hopper, lubricated with No. 4 calcium ester and oil gun every three months;

Lubrication Point 6: The reversing drum bearing of weighing belt conveyor is lubricated with No. 4 calcium ester by oil gun every three months.

Lubrication Point 7: Weighing belt machine trough bracket bearing, when repairing with No. 4 calcium ester for oil;

Lubrication Point 8: Weighing the flat bracket bearing of belt conveyor, and changing oil with No. 4 calcium ester during overhaul;

How to Lubricate Concrete Mixing Station

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