China concrete mixer quality
China concrete mixer quality
China concrete mixer quality

China concrete mixer quality

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The characteristics of concrete mixer:

1.concrete mixer Equipped with multiple shaft end sealing protection device and wind pressure sealing protection device, effectively prevent the occurrence of slurry leakage;

2. concrete mixerThe unique monitoring system of mixer can monitor the working status of reducer, unloading pump and electric lubricating oil pump at any time.

3. concrete mixer Equipped with special electric lubricating oil pump, four independent pump cores are used exclusively to supply oil directly to four axle heads, without using diversion valves.

4. Multi-pipe and multi-channel water spraying system, water can be uniformly sprayed;

5. Heavy-duty design, stable operation;

6. Mixer weighing protection system and microwave temperature measurement system are optional.

concrete mixer security knowledge:

1: Before starting the concrete mixer, check whether the controllers are outstanding or not.

2: After the concrete mixer is used, the inside must be cleaned, especially in winter. No foreign matter should be found in the front drum, so that the service life can be extended.

3: The concrete mixer should be installed in a solid place, with brackets or support barrels, can not replace the support with tyres;

4: When the concrete mixer works, it is forbidden to put things into the drum, and more attention should be paid to safety.

5: When the concrete mixer rises in the hopper, in order to be safe, it is forbidden for people to pass or stay under the hopper. After the operation, the hopper of the mixer is fixed.

6: When the concrete mixer is repaired on site, the hopper of the mixer should be fixed, the power supply should be blocked and the outside should be monitored when entering the mixer drum.

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