Daily maintenance of concrete mixing station can not be separated from lubricating oil


During the working process of concrete mixer, long time friction will reduce the working efficiency of mixer, at this time of course, it is necessary to use lubricant. The use of lubricating oil can reduce equipment conflict, power loss, temperature drop, sealing, cleaning and so on. There are also some points to be noticed when adding lubricants to concrete mixers.

1. Lubricating oil should be added in an appropriate amount.

Many users will think that the larger the amount of smooth oil, the better. This view is wrong. First of all, the reason why we want to participate in the smooth oil is to reduce the conflict of equipment, reduce the heat generated in the production process of equipment. If the amount of smooth oil is too much, it will simply form a difficult part of heat dissipation, make the smooth oil spill over, and also cause waste.

2. The brand of lubricating oil should also be fixed.

The brand, replacement time and quantity of lubricating oil will affect the service life of the equipment. When purchasing concrete mixer, manufacturers will recommend the most suitable lubricant varieties for the equipment. If the brand of lubricating oil is replaced blindly, pitting corrosion of the equipment will occur, and the bearing will be easily overheated. If replacement is needed, the smoothness of newly replaced lubricants should be investigated at a certain time. If the effect is good, the lubricants can be used sustainably.

Regular lubricating oil addition to concrete mixer on time can not only better protect equipment, improve the operation efficiency of mixer, but also better extend the service life of equipment.

Daily maintenance of concrete mixing station can not be separated from lubricating oil