Large concrete mixing station do not know how to choose


Large-scale concrete mixing station is big enough to meet the needs of large-scale engineering production, which is very popular with users, but some customers say that large-scale concrete mixing station does not know how to choose, you can see here.

Drum concrete mixing station

Drum concrete mixing station is JZC350 concrete mixing station, which is light, low power consumption, a motor to provide power for lifting and mixing, so his overall power consumption is small, biased toward small civil projects, such as filling pits in rural areas, paving roads, suitable for individual projects, good economy.

Forced concrete mixing station

Forced concrete mixing station is jdc350 mixer. When it works, the mixing barrel does not rotate, but the mixing shaft in the mixing barrel rotates. The mixing type of material is carried out according to the mixing arm and the mixing blade. So from this point of view, the mixing capacity of JDC series concrete mixing station is far stronger than that of self-propelled concrete mixing station using gravity free mixing. In addition, the motor used in the mixer is different. The electric power of JDC mixer is much higher than that of JZC350 concrete mixing station.

In addition, the forced 350 concrete mixing station adopts the dumping method, while the two concrete mixing stations adopt the reverse discharging method. In order to help JDC unload quickly, there is another unloading power that needs to be mainframe. JDC is totally used in engineering, or in concrete pre-component manufacturers, and the price is higher than that of drum 350 concrete mixing station.

Large concrete mixing station do not know how to choose