Maintenance of concrete mixer in winter


1.Before each shift of concrete mixer works, it is necessary to check whether the water pump in the water supply system is normal or not, and then start the operation.

2. Cold weather in winter, in order to avoid water freezing affecting normal production, it is necessary to add some antifreeze agent in water to ensure the normal production of concrete mixer.

3. Check regularly whether the rotation direction of the pump motor in the water supply system is normal or not. If something goes wrong, the connection of the motor needs to be changed, and then the pump is filled with water.

4. Guarantee the amount of water in the bucket of the water supply system of concrete mixer, and strictly prohibit the occurrence of empty buckets.

5. When using concrete mixer in winter, how should the water in the water supply system, such as water tank, water pump and mixer, be maintained at the end of each shift? Water accumulation in concrete mixing pipes in snowy weather prevents water icing from affecting the use of equipment under low temperature conditions at night.

6. If water freezing has occurred in improper operation, it is strictly forbidden to use hammer to break the ice. Hot water should be used to irrigate the ice melting place.

Maintenance of concrete mixer in winter