Do you want to butter the air rod piston of concrete mixing station and concrete mixer


Butter leak is normal in some cases, its main bearing in order not to water, will continue to add butter to the bearing when mixing in the mixer, excess butter will of course be squeezed out. So this is normal!

For general indoor fixtures, HL oil is selected for hydraulic system pressure < 7.0 MPa and temperature below 50 C; HL or HM oil is selected for system pressure 7.0-14.0 Mpa, temperature below 50 C, temperature below 50-80 C; HM or high pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil is selected for system pressure > 14.0 MPa. Selection of HV or HS oils in open-air cold or extreme cold areas. High temperature heat source adjacent equipment, choose fire-resistant hydraulic oil. The concrete mixer can withstand hydraulic oil when it is selected for equipment with high environmental protection requirements, such as food machinery. Hydraulic oil is the best choice for hydraulic equipment with long operation period and bad condition, and hydraulic oil is the first choice for hydraulic equipment with short operation period and gentle working condition. Hydraulic and slideway oil should be selected for smooth sharing of a system. The open-loop NC machine tool with electro-hydraulic pulse motor uses hydraulic oil of NC machine tool, closed-loop system of electro-hydraulic servo mechanism and clean hydraulic oil. Anti-silver hydraulic oil is selected for the hydraulic system of silver-containing parts.

When choosing hydraulic oil for concrete mixer, it is necessary to consider the conditions and working conditions of hydraulic system, such as the task pressure, temperature of oil pump and the type of oil pump. Metal information, sealing information and coating properties, hydraulic oil, hydraulic function and economy of hydraulic components of concrete mixer are used.

Butter is also known as smooth grease. In the process of selecting smooth grease, the requirements of temperature, extreme pressure and abrasion resistance, water resistance, anticorrosion, solid tranquility, oxidation tranquility, concrete mixer tranquility and other aspects of its task should be considered carefully. Then, according to the limitations of different trademarks, smooth grease of No. 00 to No. 1 should be selected when concentrating grease supply in the process of application of construction machinery. Lipid; 1-3 smooth grease should be selected for regular use of grease gun, grease cup, etc. and 2-3 smooth grease should be selected for long-term use without changing grease. For example, when the vibration is large, use the grease with high viscosity, good adhesion and shock absorption, such as high viscosity naphthenic alkyl or Inclusion-Based smooth oil-thickened composite soap-based smooth grease. The concrete mixer makes a detailed choice on the different types, working conditions, task forms, conditions and methods of supplying grease for smooth grease to massage and erase pairs; the grease used for maintenance should be able to effectively protect metals from erosion, such as maintaining the machine parts in contact with seawater, the aluminum-based grease with strong adhesion and strong water resistance should be selected for general maintenance of concrete mixer; The grease can be made from solid hydrocarbon thickened high viscosity base oil. As for sealing grease, attention should be paid to its function as solvent in sealed medium. Under the condition of satisfying the requirement, we should try to choose lithium grease, composite soap grease, polyurea grease and other effective and universal grease. In this way, it not only reduces the types of lipids, simplifies the treatment of lipids, but also reduces the cost of using lipids and reduces the maintenance costs because of the long service life of multi-effect lipids.

It should also be noted that the amount of smoothness injected should be appropriate, avoid mixing of different varieties, trademarks and new and old smooth greases, real-time replacement of seasonal grease, because the types and quality of wetting grease are constantly improved and changed, when old equipment is changed to new smooth grease, it should be tested before it can be used formally; when concrete mixer is replaced with new grease, the waste smooth grease should be removed first and the parts cleaned up. Wash clean. When adding smooth grease in concrete mixer, the waste grease should be extruded until the new smooth grease is found at the outlet.