What are the environmental requirements of concrete mixing station


In the new regulation of dust-free hardened ground, the hardened road surface of factory road and production area should adopt concrete or asphalt concrete, and measures should be taken to keep it clean. There is no obvious dust when vehicles are driving, and the unhardened space should be afforested. Some mixing stations used to work in poor environment, often resulting in a lot of dust pollution, and now uniform requirements for the use of non-dusty ground. It is advisable to set up cyclic traffic routes and signs such as guidance, warning and positioning in the plant area. Car washers should also be built in the factory area, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution.

When mixing in production process, high-efficiency dust-proof devices should be installed in production facilities. The production, transportation, pumping and testing equipment of ready-mixed concrete enterprises should select advanced products with low noise, low energy consumption and low emission, and the use of obsolete equipment prohibited by the state is strictly prohibited. The process of mixing production should be more scientific, such as feeding, proportioning, mixing and other links must be equipped with bag dust-proof device to achieve efficient dust removal, to meet the requirements of reducing noise and dust emissions.

Transport vehicles should be kept clean and not "sick" running Hefei now has a standardized green concrete mixing station. Compared with the traditional mixing station construction, the material yard here is closed, the main building looks more like a factory workshop, and the workshop is equipped with dust collection system to achieve zero discharge of wastewater, waste materials and waste slurry. This green mixing will be fully implemented. Station construction.