Characteristics of 120 Concrete Mixing Station


Our company produces many types of concrete mixing station, such as HZS120, HZS180, HZS90, HZS60, HZS50, HZS35, HZS25 and so on. If you want to know more about other types of concrete mixing station equipment than 120, please come to our company's website for detailed information. Please also read:HZS50 concrete batching plant

Characteristics of 120 Concrete Mixing Station

1. The main mixer adopts JS2000 double horizontal axle forced concrete mixer, which has good mixing quality and high productivity. It can mix well in ideal time for concrete with dry hardness, semi-dry hardness, plasticity and various proportions.

2. The whole structure of 120 concrete mixing station is atmospheric, which can be disassembled and assembled quickly and transported conveniently.

3. Choose a variety of different layout forms to suit local conditions and meet site requirements.

4. All measurement and control elements are imported components, which fully guarantee the accuracy and stability of measurement.

5. Sealed production, all powder production processes are conducted under closed conditions, the use of high-quality dust collectors, and the main mixing building closed packaging, greatly reducing dust and noise pollution, good environmental performance;

6. There are platforms or ladders in each maintenance and maintenance part. High-pressure pump cleaning device is installed for main engine cleaning, which has good maintenance performance.

The cement silo is used for storage of bulk cement. The bulk cement silo is a closed tank for storing materials. With the development of social construction, cement silos are used more and more widely in the construction area.

Characteristics of 120 Concrete Mixing Station

The conveying system of 120 concrete mixing station includes aggregate conveying and powder conveying: belt conveyor is often used for aggregate conveying, screw conveyor and pneumatic conveying are often used for cement and admixture conveying; dust generation is minimized for aggregate conveying and powder conveying; conveying speed and efficiency of the conveying system need to match the circulating time of the system.