Be careful of these faults in concrete mixing station


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Be careful of these faults in concrete mixing station

1. The mixing motor burns out.

2. The shovel arm of the forced mixer is broken.

3. Damage of bearing of supporting main engine of concrete mixing station causes seal failure.

4. Damage of gear axle of transmission system of mixing and lifting mechanism in concrete mixing station;

5. Belt breakage of belt conveyor in concrete mixing station;

6. The chain belt of bucket elevator is broken.

7. The broken wire rope of hopper hoisting mechanism causes the hopper rail to be jammed and the feeder frame to be seriously deformed and damaged.

8. Excessive noise and dust concentration;

9. The computer control system command fails. The movement is disordered, and the important electronic components need to be replaced. If your concrete mixing station encounters the above several faults, you must stop the machine to repair, replace the main external parts or dismantle the body to replace the important internal parts.